When I talk about emotions it always gets a little bloody...

Is it so wrong?
To want to sever ties. One by one like that time the dentist pulled your tooth. He told you you'd be fine, that the Novocaine was strong enough. And when he didn't pull hard enough, your nerves clung to the bone and you felt the strain. He picked up the tooth like it was nothing between two metal forceps and missed the changing shape of your eyes. He pulled tight, nerves stretched in a line like string. Lifted a pair of scissors. The snip you're supposed to hear sounds more like thunk when there's blood pounding in your ears. And now there's blood flooding your mouth. You want to spit the blood in his face and ask was the Novocaine really strong enough?

Next time just put me under. Put me asleep.Let me wake up without what I have but do not want. Sever the ties like nerves in my teeth.


saint modesto said...

did you draw that for real?

Lex said...

Yuppers.Doodle from class. I figured if I'm going to spew bad writing i might as well add a cool picture.